And a sparkling shower descends on my mood
All events seem pre-determined by a God
The same God that opens flowers and hearts
Not a perennial God that leaves abandoned
But one that closely shapes the course of feelings
I pay homage by surfing the cosmic waves
And letting the power, the flow,
Carry my spirit through all adversities

In her eyes is a question,
As if she could be loved, more than she loves herself?
In her eyes is the belief
As if she expected but was never quite sure
In her heart is the suffering
As if she had been deceived, and it could have been herself
In her heart was a love
As if the world was good, but didn’t know itself
In her eyes is the fear
Of one who has a dream, reality may destroy
In her eyes is the desire
A man would wish to fill, but wonder if he could
She mostly speaks her thoughts ‘cause her heart is not afraid
Although she hides some feelings behind a curtain haze.

When instinct speaks, the body listens
The shapes that guide the inner eye
The animal urge, the need to merge
And logic loses out to nature
I tried to understand your fate
Trouble in your world of late
Exact the perfect punishment
To yourself and those in wait
Then carry off this sweet revenge
Although your pain, it doesn’t mend
A trophy for your self-esteem
You shine it up to make it gleam
In survival of the breed
To produce a better seed
Nature is the one, decides
It has no time for your chides
Barbarian foes are hard to beat
Peace on earth seems just a bleat
Dinosaurs became extinct
How does your love fit with instinct?

Beyond the limits there is a world
Inhabited by my feelings and instincts
I push the borders of my existence
To a place where my dreams left prints
This world is not a total prison
Until I find the proof of another
Still I ache in my subconscious
Like a separated at birth twin brother
Glimpses of a greater world remind me
As I roam the natural evolution
Sometimes grasping at a familiar form
Which dissolves and makes me feel my prison
Maybe it is real, maybe imaginary
As the walking fish are driven ashore
By curiosity or to escape their limits
I somehow treasure my need for more.

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